Conversation for Flute and Oboe

  Tom Flaherty’s Conversation, a first performance, made brief but sweet interlude, inertwining and juxtaposingthe instruments to plaintive effect. [Mark Hill, oboe; Robin Peller, flute]
–Donal Henahan, The New York Times
  This piece, sensitively played by Madeline Berkely (flute) and Helmut Seeber (oboe is, as the title suggests, a dialogue between the two instruments in a lyrical, atonal style. And thanks for repeating this item. [Concorde]
–Barra Boydell, The Irish Times

premiered November 20, 1975

Robin Peller, fl; Mark Hill, ob

Stony Brook, NY

Conversation was written for Robin Peller and Mark Hill and premiered by them.

score excerpt

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