The Academics

recorded at the Sound Beach Soul and Blues Club (November 1977 - June 1978)
mastered at SUNY Stony Brook electronoc music studio


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Vegetable Blues (Tom Flaherty)

Tom Flaherty: vocals, guitar
Lee Hyla: toy piano, background vocals
Frank Stemper: drums, comb, background vocals
Alan Nagel
: bass, background vocals, cows


Early one morning – perhaps afternoon
I walked down the street with my bathtub
My bathtub – (vegetable blues)

They thought it unpleasant, they thought me unkind
to show off my bathtub in public
My bathtub had no shower stall.

Bagels and cream cheese and Tootsieroll lollipops, Eskimo Pie. . .

There isn't a plumber in two thousand miles
who'll give up his golf for a house call –
a house call - even for baked beans.

The moral of this story is simple but true –
just don't count your chickens at both ends,
for one end should be enough.