Three Pieces for Clarinet

  “Tom Flaherty’s Three Pieces for Clarinetwas as much fun to listen to as Rice appeared to have playing it. Using multiphonics to splendid effect, Rice skillfully accompanied himself in the chorale of the first piece.” [Albert Rice, clarinet]
– James Manishen, Winnipeg Free Press


premiered 11/1/82

Al Rice, clarinet

Lyman Hall, Pomona College

Claremont, CA

"Fantasy", the first of these Three Pieces for Clarinet, is comprised primarily of a wide ranging opening gesture and contiuous elaborations which evaporate into a quiet multiphonic chorale at the center of the piece. The variatins on the opening gesture pick up where trhey left off, becoming more fragmented and energetic, and finally return to the initial intervals plus a few octaves.

"Scherzo" is a light dancelike movement which builds in intensity to a point where the usual clarinet texture gives way to raucous squawking.

The last movement is a meditation on aspects of the first two.

Three Pieces won First Prize in the 1985 Delius Composition Contest

from "The Extended Clarinet"
Advance Recordings FGCD-32
Eric Mandat, clarinet:

I Fantasy audio excerpt
II Scherzo audio excerpt
III Meditation audio excerpt

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