When Time was Young

for Soprano, flute, clarinet, violin and cello

Text by Edward Weismiller

soprano/clarinet movement premiered May 2003

Lucy Shelton, soprano
Mica Bregman, clarinet

complete piece premiered January 28, 2005

Lucy Shelton, soprano
Sarah Green, flute
Lucie McGee, clarinet
Charles Hummel, violin
Sarah Lambert, cello

  “An additional, unannounced treat was the premiere, by Shelton and Cigan, of a piece titled "When Time Was Young," with music by Thomas Flaherty and words by longtime 20th Century Consort supporter Edward Weismiller -- a limpid, lyrical and effortlessly touching duet for soprano and clarinet.” [Lucy Shelton, 20th Century Consort]
– Tim Page, Washington Post
  “California composer Flaherty wrote When Time Was Young for Shelton when she received an honorary degree from Pomona College. He cast the six poems by Edward Weismiller for her flexible, compelling voice as it resounds with violin (Hirono Oka), cello (Ohad Bar-David), clarinet (Arne Running), and flute (Edward Schulz). The title song, with clarinet alone, explored dissonances, let the clarinet seem to finish the soprano's sentences, sometimes, in poetry that exulted: "Let us sing our lives away."” [Lucy Shelton, Network for New Music]“
–  Daniel Webster The Philadelphia Inquirer



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