A Walk in the Park

for two cellos

premiered April 22, 2011

Roger Lebow and Tom Flaherty, cello
Bridges Hall of Music
Pomona College
Claremont, CA


A Walk in the Park A title is generally the last thing to come to mind when composing a piece, usually not until the piece is done. As this cello duo turned out to be short, episodic, and casual in some ways, it brought to mind the title. As with most instrumental pieces, A Walk in the Park is really "about" notes, rhythm, melody, sound, time. But if a listener hears dogs barking at a nest of bees followed by soaring birds overhead, children playing and arguing , taunting nursery rhymes, maybe even a drumming circle in the distance, who could criticize them? A Walk in the Park was written for Roger Lebow, who makes all around him feel that they are taking a stimulating walk in the park on a pleasant summer day, no matter what the actual weather. I am grateful for the opportunity to play the premiere of the piece with him.