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New Release:

Mixed Messages

Shepard's Pi: Genevieve Feiwen Lee, piano

Threnody: Maggie Parkins, cello

Under the Weather: Cynthia Fogg, viola; Mark Winges, organ

Recess: Eclipse Quartet
(Sara Parkins, Sarah Thornblade, Alma Lisa Fernandez, Maggie Parkins)

Violelation: Cynthia Fogg, viola

Mixed Messages: Sarah Thornblade, violin; Vicki Ray, piano

Release: The Smudges (Jeff Gauthier, Maggie Parkins)

New Focus Recordings



Quotations and Homages

Rainbow Tangle: Nadia Shpachenko, piano
Igor to Please: Nadia Shpachenko,
Genevieve Feiwen Lee, toy piano; Vicki Ray, Aron Kallay, Thomas Kotcheff, Sarah Gibson, piano.

also music of Adam Borecki, Daniel Felsenfeld, Vera Ivanova, James Matheson, Missy Mazzoli, Nick Norton, and Peter Yates.

Reference Recordings
preview video, featuring

Rainbow Tangleand Igor to Please


Woman at the New Piano

Part Suite-a: Nadia Shpachenko, piano
Airdancing: Nadia Shpachenko, piano
Genevieve Feiwen Lee, toy piano

also music of Peter Yates, Adam Schoernberg, and James Matheson

Reference Recordings
preview video, featuring Airdancing:




Five Conversations About Two Things
Aron Kallay, piano
Yuri Inoo, percussion


also music of Thomas Osborne, Karl Kohn, Bill Alves, and Caroline Louise Miller.

populist records


Looking for Answers
Cellopianian Flights, Triphoria, Looking for Answers, Remembrance of Things Present, A Walk in the Park, Euphoric Waltzes
Rachel Huang, Sara Parkins, Jonathan Wright, violin; Cynthia Fogg, viola: Maggie Parkins, Roger Lebow, Tom Flaherty, cello; Genevieve Feiwen Lee, piano

Albany Records
TROY 1495

"Flaherty's music possesses an irresistible kinetic energy coupled with a tremendous expressivity; the result is music that grips the listener from beginning to end. Of particular note is the title piece, Looking for Answers, for piano trio and electronics, which is a truly blockbuster piece, and one of the best works I've ever heard that combines electronics with a traditional chamber music scoring and language."
-Carson Cooman, Fanfare Magazine

"sober . . . irreverent . . .sensual . . . wonky"
-Ron Schepper, textura.com

"Tom Flaherty speaks with a profound and innovative compositional voice, and his music should gain a wide audience. I do hope that this CD will serve that end, as the performances and recordings all present these works in a wonderful light. I'm happy to give this disc an unqualified recommendation."
-David DeBoor Canfield, Fanfare Magazine

". . . the playing is extremely fine. There is a simple joy to these pieces, with Flaherty's love of melodic patterns and playful ways of using an instrument shining through. I found plenty to admire. A fine disc to try out." 
-Barnaby Rayfield, Fanfare Magazine


Beyond 12
Aron Kallay, microtonal keyboard

Barstow Bagatelle

also music of Kyle Gann, Isaac Schankler, Aaron K. Johnson, John Schneider, Vera Ivanova, Jason Heath, and Brian Shepard

Microfest Records



The Lads That Will Never Be Old
Andrea Axelrod, soprano; James Bassi, piano


also music of Charles Ives, Irving Berlin, John Philip Sousa, Arthur Foote , Isaac Rosenberg, Hubert Parry, John McCrae, Ivor Novello, Herman Darewski, and Arthur Somervell


Genevieve Feiwen Lee, piano

Gleeful Variants
also music of Philippe Bodin

Albany Records
TROY 1001


New Ariel Recordings
Jeffrey Jacob, piano

Contemporary American Eclectic Music
for the Piano Vol. 9
Sonatina – Richard Brooks
Fakebook II – Arthur Gottschalk
Gleeful Variants – Tom Flaherty
Nubble Light – Christopher Malloy
Fantasy-Variations – Michael Wittgraf
Tres piezitas – Jose-Luis Hurtado
Legend of the Sad Triad – Eric Moe
Surprisentopie – Eliane Aberdam

Jeffrey Jacob, piano
New Ariel Recordings AE009


Music of Tom Flaherty

Vorarlberg Resonance: Karl and Margaret Kohn, piano four-hands
Timeflies: Peter Yates, guitar; Tom Flaherty, cello
Trio for Cello and Digital Processor: Tom Flaherty, cello
Semi-Suite: Tom Flaherty, cello
Quartet for Viola, Cello and Digital Processor: Cynthia Fogg, viola; Tom Flaherty, cello
Time to Travel: Karl and Margaret Kohn, pianos





for two guitars

performed by the Elgart-Yates Duo

Bridge Records 9042





for orchestra

The Black Sea Philharmonic

Radu Ciorei, conductor

Capstone Records CPS-8648



Quintet "Good Times"

performed by the Almont Ensemble

Klavier Records.

Trio for Cello and Digital Processor

performed by Tom Flaherty, cello

SEAMUS Volume 4

Quartet for Viola, Cello, and Digital Processor

performed by Cynthia Fogg, viola; Tom Flaherty, cello

SEAMUS Volume 5


Three Pieces for Clarinet is recorded on Advance Recordings.

Advance Recordings FGCD-32, 1991