Cello Concerto

for cello and orchestra

premiered September 12, 2019

Robert deMaine, cello; Genevieve Feiwen Lee, piano
Bridges Hall of Music

Claremont, CA

I. Questions


II. Prayer


III. The Universe Answers

Cello Concerto was written for and is gratefully dedicated to Robert deMaine, whose musical artistry and vibrant personality are a constant inspiration.

I. Questions reflects our turbulent, exciting, and sometimes threatening times. The cello commands the stage with its opening questioning gesture and the orchestra responds with varying degrees of encouragement and disagreement. After a searching and emotional solo cadenza, the cello achieves a semblance of triumph, which devolves into a guarded peace.

II. Prayer – Against curiously rotating frames of reference, the cello sings imploringly for answers. The orchestra grudgingly provides an uneasy resolution.

III. The Universe Answers – with scorn, mocking taunts, but ultimately with an invitation to dance.