Die Schöne Muellerin

for soprano, bass, mandola, viola, cello, and piano

Text by R. Mueller, D. Trump, and Cynthia Fogg

premiered September, 2019
Bridges Hall, Claremont, California

Die Schöne Muellerin Report is inspired by Robert Mueller’s April 2019 two-volume “Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election.” Most of the text sung comes directly from the Report, enhanced by selections from the tweets and other word salads created by Donald Trump, gracefully arranged by Cynthia Fogg. The text of “Collusion” consists of Donald Trump tweets, sung to the tune of the Russian national anthem, and 34 names of the many Russian operatives mentioned in the Mueller Report, sung to the tune of the first song in Franz Schubert’s song cycle about innocent and unrequited love, “Die Schöne Müllerin.” “Lies” lists many of the people who lied to the investigators or the press, along with many of their more memorable fabrications. “Exoneration” considers its own title, and suggests an appropriate response to today’s turmoil.