Song and Dance

for cello quartet

premiered June 25, 2015

Anthony Elliott, Carey Cheney, Nancy Yamagata, and Rodney Farrar, cello
Bridges Hall of Music
Pomona College
Claremont, CA

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I. Elegy
II. Dance Mash


"Elegy," like most such pieces, sings of grief, cherished memories, and resigned acceptance over the loss of a loved one. The ambiguities inherent in the octatonic scale reflect these shifting emotions.

"Dance Mash" is a mashup of several dance styles. including fragments of waltz, ragtime, and tango, among others. It's not a scholarly catalog, but an invitation to move.

Song and Dance was commissioned by and is dedicated to Rick Mooney and the National Cello Institute, on the occasion of its 40th anniversary concert in June, 2015.

sheet music available at cellos2go.com


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