Stunned Unity

for violin, viola, cello, other sustained instruments, and audience.


In devising the 2011 Celliola program, our first intention was simply to schedule a concert of music that we would enjoy playing, and that we hoped our audience would enjoy hearing. When the available date turned out to be the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 disaster, it seemed important to acknowledge the date in some specific way. Rather than revisit the horror of that day, Stunned Unity seeks to bring to mind the days following, when despite numbness, anger, disgust, etc., there was a surprising empathy and unity across much of the world. The piece features a few musicians performing from the stage, but depends in large part on the audience singing supportive drones throughout much of the work. Stunned Unity is as much a community prayer, or a barn raising, as it is a piece of music. It is an opportunity to share in the pleasure of making something together.

Rachel Huang, violin
Cynthia Fogg, viola
Tom Flaherty, cello
William Peterson, organ; Jonathan Wright, violin; Hsuanwei Fan, tenor; Joel Fishbein, tenor;
Elizabeth Kokemoor, alto; Kyoko Kurita, cello; Lisa Lam, violin; Jose Munoz, viola; Marisa Weisberger, flute; Jeremy Wright, violin

premiered September 11, 2011
Bridges Hall of Music
Claremont, California