The Miser

Music for Moliere’s The Miser.
music by Tom Flaherty
Lyrics drawn from Timothy Mooney's rhymed adaptation of "The Miser," © 1997
Pieter van Zyl, musical director and pianist
Tom Leabhart, director
Elizabeth Gibbs, Choreographer

Recorded 11/7/07, Bridges Hall of Music, Pomona College, Claremont, CA.
Barry Werger, recording engineer.

Pomona College Seaver Theater production November 15-18, 2007:

Tyrus Emory
  other household domestics Lindsey Cook
John Maidman
    Amanda Gilliam
Megan Hanley
    Court Hoang
Sam Gold
    Adam Kotin
Elizabeth Gibbs
    Lauren Rosenfield
Alex Lydon
    Wong Young Tseng
Taj Ruler
    Vanessa Williams-Hall
Mistress Simon
Caroline Schreiber
Mistress Jacqueline
Caroline Timmer
La Fleche
Scott Duffy
Chief of Police
Litza Johnson
Scenic Design
Jeanine Eastham
  Stage Manager Peter Austin
Costume Design
Sherr Linnell
  Assistant Stage Manager Sondra Simms
Lighting Design
James P. Taylor
  Assistant Stage Manager Kimberly Aldinger

 1. Prologue – piano-  Harpagon hides 10,000 crowns in the garden.       
2. My love, I fear – Elise questions the prospects of her relationship with Valere, who tries to dissuade her concerns.
3. Ah, that we must assume – Valere explains how he intends to humor Harpagon (Elise’s father)
4. Be off with you! – Harpagon accuses his servant La Fleche of stealing and perhaps inspires him to do so.
5. I'll never trust that limping malefactor! – Harpagon criticizes La Fleche and dreams of his one true love, until the children arive.
Chorus sings of "10,000 crowns."
6. Oh, wicked son!–Harpagon criticizes his son Cleante for his extravagance.
7. How do you dare – Harpagon and Cleante discover their roles as mystery lender and borrower.
8. Oh there's no doubt–Frosine explains what a fine and economical match Marianne would be.
The company celebrates Marianne's fine qualities with energetic dancing.
9. My father could not make a fairer choice –Cleante, in love with Marianne, pretends to sing on his father's behalf
10. I, then, will speak on your behalf - Cleante, at his father’s insistence, tries another tack.
11. Of course I'm right – Frosine and the chorus sing of Harpagon’s one true love. Extensively.
12. Stop thief! – Harpagon discovers his money has been stolen.
13. Know you, to your confusion– Valere unveils his real identity and sings of his love for Elise.
14. Oh yes, my children – Anselme unveils his real identity and reveals that he is the father of Valere and Marianne.
15. Tis done. – General revelry
Tom. Tom, Pieter, Pen